Terms And Agreements

Thank you for choosing "Menha" platform as a secure channel for you to donate and support university students in Palestine.

Please read the terms and conditions of "Menha" platform before you start using it, in order to ensure that it is used in an appropriate manner that ensures you benefit from it without any problems. Therefore, the terms and conditions for using Menha platform are as follows:

1.       The platform is a link between the donor and the student you will be donating to, and the platform remains the primary and only link between them.

2.       The donor does not have the right to communicate directly with the university student who has donated to by any means, but only after sending a request to communicate with him/ her to those who are in charge and getting their approval.

3.       3% of the scholarship amount goes to the platform to cover its operational and administrative expenses.

4.       There are 3% commissions deducted by the intermediary bank for the transfer operation.

5.       A donor can donate all the tuitions fees for a semester, or one or more academic years of his or her choice.

6.       Donation to a student for one semester does not mean that s/he is required to donate for the next semester to the student himself/ herself or to others.

7.       A donor can donate to one or more college students.

8.       The donor is entitled to donate for a semester, a year of study, or for the duration of the student's study.

9.       The donor doesn’t have the right to publish any information concerning the student being donated to.