Terms And Agreements

Dear student,

Thank you for choosing "Menha" platform as a secure channel that enables you to complete your university education without financial challenges. We are very pleased to be part of the success of your academic and educational career and wish you the best of luck.

To be able to register, please read the terms and conditions of Menha platform before you start using it in order to ensure that it is used in an appropriate manner to ensure that you benefit from it.

1.       Registration on the platform is free and does not cost the registered student any financial burden.

2.       Your registration in the platform and the acceptance of your application to appear on the platform does not mean you have received the scholarship.

3.       A one-semester scholarship does not necessarily mean that you will receive a scholarship for the rest of semesters, with the possibility of this happening.

4.       All your contact information is for the purpose of verifying your scholarship needs and is not available for use by any other party or person. It is confidential information intended to communicate between the platform staff and the student.

5.       After completing your registration on the platform, the platform will allow the donor to see some of your information like: governorate, area, university, your course of study, and the amount of tuition.

6.       The student is responsible for any incorrect information that is filled in his/ her application, which may result in his / her failure to obtain approval to show his / her scholarship application on the platform.

7.       The scholarship you will receive may be partial or total depending on the amount of donation you will receive from donors.

8.       After you receive a scholarship, renewing the scholarship application for the next semester is not automatic and you need to follow up with the platform staff.

9.       The platform is entitled to use some information related to the platform participants to promote it to recruit support for university students registered on the platform.